Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The EXP008

Work on the expedition windsurfer continues...very slowly.
I will have photos posted soon but to update I have reached the painting stages. I have sanded until I can hear the sander in my sleep. I hope to have the boat in the water no later than October 15th, even if the paint is not dry:)

I still have not decided on a name for this type of board/boat. What do you call a sit on top kayak that you can sail like a windsurfer, paddle standing up and has enough capacity for multi-day camping? Any ideas?

Slalom race in St. Pete in March.

I was not able to race in this one, my arms were still mending from my car crash. Everyone had a great time thanks to Britt at North Beach Windsurfing and all his hard work.

Crazy tree hugers!

Little Blue on the Peace.

A trip down the Peace

Here are some photos of a trip my kids and I took down the Peace River. It is always a fun time with kids.