Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plans available- correction

On my previous post I inadvertently said to click on the link below, when I meant to the link above.

Sorry for the confusion.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Plans are now available!!!

Build your very own Expedition Windsurfer! 

Yes you can do this. 

Check out the link above for more details.

Adventure, fun, relaxation, increased knowledge of the world around you, all awaite you when you step onto the Expedition Windsurfer.

Shellkey Preserve- A great trip

My 19 year old son, Jared and I had planned to do the Florida 120 in north Florida, but work and family obligations took precedence.  So we decided to do a three day trip to Shell Key Preserve (http://www.pinellascounty.org/Environment/pageshtml/SK_site/sk3000.html ) just north of the mouth of Tampa Bay. 

Here we are all loaded and ready to shove off for three days of sailing and exploring and fishing and just plain fun.
In the picture above Jared is discussing the attributes of the Expedition Windsurfer.
(click on images for larger viewing)
Here Jared is headed for the island- he was hard to keep up with!

After a long day of windsurfing a good meal hit the spot.  I liked the idea of Jared cooking dinner, but I had to do the dishes.
What a great way to end the day- good meal and great company.
In the photo above we made a sun block with the sails.  This provided a nice place to eat lunch and relax a bit out of the sun.
Sailing through some very skinny water...4 to 5 inches maybe.
So what do you do when the wind dies?  Go stand-up-paddling (SUP) of course!
In the mornings the wind would come out of the east, light and variable until mid-afternoon when a sea breeze would kick in.  The wind would shut down for a few minutes and we would do some stand-up.
Here the "old man" is doing his best to look cool. 
Check out the water color and the beautiful white sandy beach!  Wish you could have been with us.
Jared and I can hardly wait for our next adventure on the Expedition Windsurfers.

"Leave nothing but a wake"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Demo Day at Tierra Verde

Saturday we met a few fellow windsurfers at Tierra Verde in South St. Pete for some demo rides on the Expedition Windsurfer.  The video is a compilation of some of those who took it for a ride.  We had winds out of the south in the 18-20kt range.  As the day went along, the winds dropped to 10kts giving us a good feel for the board in various winds.  The reviews were all positive and everyone had fun.