Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ft. Desoto Florida with the family and a name change

Here is a video my wife took of me sailing on a beautiful Florida day in August. We had a fresh breeze out of the west with a moderate chop. It made for a great day of sailing and playing in the waves.

I am contemplating a name change for the Expedition Windsurfer®. I have recently learned of a term used in the Hawaiian language that implies that each of us has the privilege of living on this beautiful planet, but with that privilege comes responsibility. We all have certain inborn, inalienable rights and privileges that we live our lives by. But in the pursuit of these privileges we need to conduct ourselves in a responsible way. We must show respect for each other as fellow citizens no matter what our race, or nationality and also show that same respect for the planet and all its wonders.

I would like to use the Expedition Windsurfer® to help promote a more responsible way of living, a more sustainable way of living. I am still working out the details so stay tuned.

Kuleana: Privilege and responsibility.


I think it has a nice ring