Monday, December 17, 2012

So last week was not the kind of week that will get you in shape for a 350 mile trip of windsurfing and kayaking.  Work and laziness have a way of de-motivating me.  I know that I should just get out of bed earlier but that might require more self-discipline than I actually have. 

The week was not a total loss; I did get in a few days of resistance training and a day of aerobics with some light paddling on the weekend.  My diet is in need of some serious work though. 

This week will be better.  I feel a change in the air.


See you on the water.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

 I was able to do a SUP session on Lake Jackson on Saturday after work.  The weather was great but the wind was light and inconsistant.  I was able to paddle for about an hour and than set the sail for some light air sailing.
Here is a photo of the next KUIANA.  I will have it ready for the EC and it will be crazy cool!
Here is a summary of my fitness program for this week.
Monday -upper body resistance training
Teusday  -  20 mis on the bike
Wednesday-  upper body resistance training
Thursday -  wimped out
Friday - upper body resistance trining
Saturday  -  paddling and sailing
I have a long way to go to be ready for the EC. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Time to get into EC shape!!!

With only 88 days left to get into shape for the Everglades Challenge I have decided to post my fitness goals and accomplishments on a weekly basis.  This will help me stay focused and motivated for the next three months.  I have much work to do in getting the KULEANA ready for the race and twice as much getting myself ready.
To help me get from here to there I have developed the fitness program I call...

                                        "THE FIT FOR ADVENTURE LIFE STYLE"

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings: 45 mins. of circuit training - four sets (25,20,15,max reps)  per exercise.
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays mornings: 30-45 mins. of interval aerobics to include paddling and cycling.
  • Saturday afternoons (after work): long windsurfing sailing or paddling.
  • Every other weekend: camp from boat for practice loading and seting up camp gear.
  • Flexability exercises along with meditation to be done in evenings.
Time on the water is the best form of training for long distance windsurfing, but having to work 6 days a week is putting a real damper on my leisure time.  I am far from being a fitness junky, so staying motivated will be a real challenge.  So please post some positive vibes and keep me motivated!!

Until next week...Leave nothing but a wake!!!