Friday, May 18, 2012

Fishing (or not) on the KULEANA

Two weeks ago I rigged the KULEANA for some stand-up-paddle fishing and headed over to Bishop Harbor on Tampa Bay.  This area is one of Tampa Bay's best fishing spots with lots of turtle grass and mangroves for the redfish, sea trout and snook.  Of course, the fish had nothing to fear from me.  In fact, I could hear a collective sigh of relief coming from the bay as I loaded my cooler and rods onto the boat. Truthfully I would rather paddle around than fish.  I have an incessant desire to see what is around the next bend or what might be lurking in the next deep hole or what is up the next mangrove tunnel.  I suppose it is a version of ADD, but I just can't sit still long enough to actually figure out what the fish are biting on.  But thats OK, right?  The way I see it, I am having a great time and I am helping my fellow fisherman by increasing his odds of catching the fish I am too distracted  to catch. 

 Note the cooler with rod holders.  The cooler also serves as a seat when I get too lazy to stand.

 The water was just too tempting; I had to go for a swim.
                          I suppose the other fishermen in the bay thought I must have fallen in.  It was a nice refreshing swim.

Of course, I could not come home without taking out some of the trash left behind by others.  Notice the new bait bucket I found in the mangroves, it still has the tags on it.

On my way back to the boat ramp a storm began to form in the east providing a nice rainbow.

Looking back towards the west and Bishop Harbor the sun began its descent into the Gulf of Mexico. 
Another beautiful day on the water!  The fish were safe and I had a nice workout.

My next trip will be to the Sanibel Island area in a couple of weeks.  Do you think the fish down there will be as safe as the ones in Tampa Bay?