Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early Morning on the Peace River

Is it really November? I think someone forgot to tell the weatherman that it should be getting cooler. Here in central Florida the temps have been in the mid 80s in the day and the 60s at night. I can still swim in our pool! Guess I would be complaining if it was cold and I had to wear a wetsuit. Weather like this is why so many birds winter here. Right?
So what are you going to do on a lazy Sunday morning? Put your coffee in a large mug and take a nice peaceful paddle on the Peace River.
As I paddled the Expedition Windsurfer up the river a momma pig and seven (I think) babies were feeding along the rivers edge. If you click on the image you can count the piggies. When they saw me the took off like wild hogs (imagine that) crashing through the under brush.

I'm getting close to completing the next version of the Expedition Windsurfer. I should have been done months ago. Seems that every time I have the time to work on the project, something comes along and gets in the way. Oh well, I will getter done in time to do some training before the Everglades Challenge... I hope.