Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jensen Beach

I went over to visit Matt Layden, naval architect extraordinaire, to have him draw up the boat. We took the Expedition Windsurfer out for a test ride while we were there. Here are some photos. Wind was blowing in the twenties:)

Also some video. Cameraman still learning how to use the camera.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beautiful day on the Peace River

How would you spend a beautiful day?

Last Saturday my friend Justin and I paddled up the Peace River and shot these photos. I tried my hand at fishing again but the water was much too clear. That's my excuse anyway.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Peace River Trip

I live near the Peace River so I can paddle it more frequently than I can sail on the Gulf. Here are a few photos of my last day trip.

Fishing Trip

One of my favorite places to be is Bishop Harbor. It is a small bay off the South East side of Tampa Bay. The area is a great fishing spot. Notice how I was able to strap my cooler to the footstraps. Winds were light so the cooler was not in the way and it served as a seat when I got tiered of standing. Water was pretty clear. I was sitting on the board with my feet in the water and snapped this photo. I caught 5 large trout, 2 Redfish and... OK anybody who knows me knows I cant catch fish even if they were in a bathtub. But the day was beautiful and I had a great time just being on the water.

These photos were taken on January 7th. A cold front came through as I was rigging up. After the rain passed I sailed out Bunces pass into the Gulf and then up the coast 7 miles or so. With building NW winds approching 20kts I was able to get into the footstraps for the first time.
I sailed 17 nautical miles averaging 6kts and my maximum speed was 13kts. I stopped at Shell Key Preserve on the way back in and did some exploring. Looks like a great place to camp.

Bloggers Block

Yes it is true. I have a serious case of bloggers block. I'm working through it though. I will post a few photos of some of the sailing I have been able to do in the past month.