Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jensen Beach

I went over to visit Matt Layden, naval architect extraordinaire, to have him draw up the boat. We took the Expedition Windsurfer out for a test ride while we were there. Here are some photos. Wind was blowing in the twenties:)

Also some video. Cameraman still learning how to use the camera.


Ian Berger said...


Are you actually planing that board? Whoa!


Trey said...

Hi Ian,
I was planing at times. I think I may have too much of my weight on the tail. I felt like I was pushing through the water rather than planing over it.

I hope to get some more photos this week. 20-30kts as a front passes by.

tally said...

I'm a Italian woman,I'm a painter,so I like seeing all about the nature,fine your reportage,I would like to do surf!!!!!!!!!!!!!For the moment, I say good-bye tally