Saturday, August 22, 2009

No hurricane Bill for us...just beautiful sailing!

The weather report called for 60% chance of storms with an approaching front in the Gulf. I waited until late in the day to set sail from the launch at Bishop Harbor. It looked as though most of the bad weather would stay off shore, and it did. I sailed out into the bay with a light 8-10kts of wind from the WNW.
I found a few nice holes in the grass flats to try out my new fishing rod. I had a beautiful Red Fish follow the bait and just when he was about to strike, he spotted me and took off. I fished for a little while longer and then just spent the rest of the day sailing. I spotted a couple of bottle nose dolphin, a school of rays and followed a three foot shovel nose shark for a few minutes through the grass flats.

It was a nice relaxing day on the water.

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Howard said...

This is such a different world from our wave sailing here on the North coast of Devon. Have added myself as a follower and will be following the progress of this blog. Thanks for the read, nice site, and I feel inspired to perhaps consider the odd windsurf trek.