Monday, October 26, 2009

Registered Trade Mark

It is official. The Expedition Windsurfer is now a registered trade mark of TFVentues.

After some negotiating with the US Patent Office we now have a the name trade marked. Now I just need to figure out how to put the mark behind the name whenever I use it.

To answer some comments to the blog;
Ian- thanks for the encouragement! I hope to have the new board done soon and get out on the water. I feel like a kid just before vacation.

Dan- I hope to be able to offer a set of plans and instructions on building process for the Expedition Windsurfer in a few weeks. I want to finish the current board and review my building notes with Matt before releasing.

I am excited with the looks of the new board. It should be faster and much easier to load gear into. It will be a real head turner.


Dan St. Gean said...

Sweet! I want to build one that has a bit more range than the CLC SUP....

Dan said...

Has anyone tried using this board with a kite surf sail?

Trey said...

No I have not tried a kit on it. I have thought about the possibility and think it would work in the right conditions. The board is heavy when loaded so the maneuverability would be limited, but given the right conditions I know it would work. I ran into an old windsurfing buddy a couple of years ago who was working on developing kite technology for large sail boats. His theory was that in the event that a boat loses its mast the kite could be used to get the boat to port. The short of it is; its possible, but I have not done it as of yet.