Friday, January 14, 2011

Peace River Expedition-120 miles to the Gulf

Training day on the Peace River.  Note the rain drops on the water.

It’s been awhile since I last posted about the Expedition Windsurfer®, I have been busy trying to stay ahead of the repo man.

Beginning Monday January 17th through 22nd I will be paddling and sailing to the Gulf of Mexico. My adventure will begin in the small town of Ft. Meade Florida and continue the length of the river to Charlotte Harbor and into the Gulf via Boca Grande Pass. Without any incidents I should cover the 120 miles or so in the 6 days I have off from work.

Follow my progress here in real time:

Stay posted for videos and photos of the trip.


Anonymous said...

We did a multi day trip from Pine Island Sound, to Cayo Costa,through Charlotte Harbor, and up the Peace River. We were in a Wayfayer 15+' sail boat with no motor so we turned back when the river narrowed. Wonderful trip; know you will have a great time!

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