Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another beautiful day on the KULEANA

After getting some work done around the house I headed for Tierra Verde in south St. Pete.
When I arrived the winds had backed off to a frustrating light and puffiness that had a few sailors packing up and heading for home.  The wind was out of the northeast and seemed to be teasing us trying to fill back in, perhaps fighting to beat out the typical sea breeze we get in the afternoons.  After the sun began to descend towards the Gulf of Mexico the wind freshened and we had a few good runs before it was time to pack up and head home.     
I met, Andrew White, a fellow sailor on vacation from Winston-Salom, NC.  Below are a few photos of giving the KULEANA a try.  In his words it was an " interesting experience". 
Hey Andrew, perhaps next year when you are down on vacation I will have a few KULEANAs and we do a short adventure to see some of the truly intesting things of the Tamps Bay area.

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Anonymous said...

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