Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last Friday I took the boat out to test the sailing capabilities and to try to determine where to put the foot straps. I rigged a 9.5m sail with cambers. The wind was South to South West at about 10-15kts. Using my GPS to track my speed and distence,
I maxed out 11.8kts and sailed 9 nautical miles in about an hour twenty minutes.
In increasing winds, approximatly 15-18 reached a maximum speed of 12.6kts and traveled 5.16 nm in 42 minutes.
All of this sailing was done in the typical back and forth short distance sailing of windsurfing.

What I learned:

  • Even with a large sail and increasing winds it seems that the max speed is around 12-13 kts. This could improve with properly positioned foot straps
  • In low winds the boat is very fast on all points of sail.
  • The boat jibs very easily and is very stable.
  • As the wind increased the need for a dagger board decreased. I was able to head up into the wind about as high without the dagger board as with it.
  • The hull seems to be all displacement. I was not able to pop it up on a plane even when the wind seemed to be strong enough. This might be due to the weight, length ratio. It may also be that with foot straps I could push it enough to get to plane. But if we consider the normal speed of a kayak even at 12kts its pretty fast.

More testing this week. I want to try to use a smaller sail and rig and try some different size fins. I have been using weed fin that might not be enough area for the boat.

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rob134 said...

Congrats. on a fantastic concept board and a perfect cruise board. You should seek a manufacturer an go into production, I would love one.

LBWS would love to publish an article on it. Feel free to send something in.