Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ft. Desoto on 2/3/09

Winds 18-20kts, air temps in mid 50s. We packed out the board with 40 pounds of bottled water and supplies. Performance was a bit sluggish but we topped out at 12kts.


PeconicPuffin said...

12 knots boat speed in 20mph winds seems low. Will your board plane if it's not loaded? If it will, then I'm wondering what experimenting you've done moving cargo weight around the board...perhaps trimming the board's angle in the water would get it up an dplaning.

Trey said...

Hi PiconicPuffin,
Yes you are right it does seem a bit slow. My main concern at this point is how controllable will it be in higher winds with a loaded boat. I have been pleased with that aspect so far. Keep in mind that 12-15 kts is still pretty fast when compared to a kayak or SUP. What I am excited about is how well the boat performs in lower wind speeds. So with some design changes I feel that the boat will meet the needs of its intended purpose.