Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two days to the start of the Everglades Challenge

I want to thank Steve Baker for taking some photos of my last sail before the race.  I always have a difficult time getting shots of me sailing the board, none of my family want to spend the day on a cold beach while I go out and have fun sailing.  But on Tuesday Steve was going out for some kayak fishing and took these shots of me sailing off the beach.
Only two days remain before the start of the Everglades Challenge, a 300 mile expedition style small boat race down the west coast of Florida, from the mouth of Tampa Bay to Key Largo. I am the first racer to use a windsurfer.  Am I ready? I have all the equipment, food, water and the Expedition Windsurfer® is ready to go, the question is, do I have the physical and mental toughness to finish the race? That is what this race is all about for me. The adventure, the challenge truly begins and ends with what is in my head.
Click the link "map" next to the Everglades Challenge listing and drag your curser over the pirate heads untill you locate WindWalker, which is my race name.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trey - cool looking board!
How much wind does it take to plane?
How does does sail handle handle with 1 or 2 panels removed?

Good luck with challenge - I'll be watching!
Ontario, Canada

Trey said...

Hey Joe,
Thanks for the comments. I think the wind needs to be around 15kts before she plans when I am using my 7.5 Zenith. Thats without camping gear.
With the panels open the sail feels very light and mushy, not very efficient. It should work well if the wind is real strong,like 25kts and I have a long sail ahead of me.