Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great sail into the Gulf of Mexico today!

With only four days left before the Everglades Challenge, I am feeling a bit stressed out trying to get all the last minute details worked out.  Trying to get all my chores done around the house and trying to tie up all loose ends at work and finalize all my plans for the race is having me wonder if it is all worth the effort.  Sure it is!
I got my sail back from Aerotech with two new zipper panels for reefing or reducing sail area while on the water.  I thought today would be a good day to test it out, so I headed for the coast and did some sailing in the Gulf.  With winds around 15kts and occasionally hitting 20kts I was able to test the adjustable down haul and out haul and the new zipper panels.  I also loaded the board with all my gear for the race and put on the dry suit just to see how everything would work together. 
I went out into the Gulf through Bunces Pass near Ft Desoto.  The pass was a mess with waves coming in from all directions making the sail out interesting. The Expedition Windsurfer did very well in the building swell and went down wind with control giving me a nice ride back in from the Gulf. You can check out my route/track from the SPOT tracker here at the WaterTribe website.  Look for WindWalker by moving your mouse over each of the little pirate heads. http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeMapper.aspx?RaceID=EC2010
This link will be operational durring the Everglades Challenge enabling those at home to keep tabs on me as I travel down the coast.
The GPS reading for today was;
Trip Odom-13.5nm
Max Speed  11.4kts
Moving Time- 2hrs50mins
Moving Avg-4.5kts

Not too bad for a fully loaded board and a two hundred pound (all muscle) guy.

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