Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Testing, Testing, Testing

We are still trying to iron out some of the details for the production version of the KULEANA- Expedition Windsurfer(r).


Mark said...

Very cool looking design! Any way to de-rig and stow the sail while underway? Have you paddled it with the rigged sail in chop or seas? Thx!

Trey said...

Hi Mark,
I have de-rigged and stowed the sail in flat water. I have not had to de-rig in rough seas yet, but I am sure the time is comming. I have paddled in some 2-3 foot seas in a seated position. The boat is so wide that it is very stable and easy to control in a straight line. Turning it in short tight spots can be a bit challenging though.
Thanks for the questions and stay tuned for more adventures.