Sunday, November 4, 2012

Into the sunset!

Some guys spend their Saturday afternoon on the golf course, others on the mower.  I prefer to spend it on the Kuleana doing some fishing and exploring.
Sunset on Tampa Bay
The Kuleana is wide enough and stable enough to put a large cooler on the deck and comfortably fish. 
I didn't even break the camera
Note the cooler with the rod holder.
It was a fantastic afternoon of sailing. The winds were out of the west at a light 6 to 8 kts.  As the sun set in the west I ghosted along on a down wind run back to the boat ramp. 
Taking time to explore the island.

While some sailors wait for high winds to go windsurfing, with the Kuleana I can sail in any type of weather and still have a great time.  What a great way to watch the sun set!


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