Monday, December 3, 2012

Time to get into EC shape!!!

With only 88 days left to get into shape for the Everglades Challenge I have decided to post my fitness goals and accomplishments on a weekly basis.  This will help me stay focused and motivated for the next three months.  I have much work to do in getting the KULEANA ready for the race and twice as much getting myself ready.
To help me get from here to there I have developed the fitness program I call...

                                        "THE FIT FOR ADVENTURE LIFE STYLE"

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings: 45 mins. of circuit training - four sets (25,20,15,max reps)  per exercise.
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays mornings: 30-45 mins. of interval aerobics to include paddling and cycling.
  • Saturday afternoons (after work): long windsurfing sailing or paddling.
  • Every other weekend: camp from boat for practice loading and seting up camp gear.
  • Flexability exercises along with meditation to be done in evenings.
Time on the water is the best form of training for long distance windsurfing, but having to work 6 days a week is putting a real damper on my leisure time.  I am far from being a fitness junky, so staying motivated will be a real challenge.  So please post some positive vibes and keep me motivated!!

Until next week...Leave nothing but a wake!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan WindWalker! That 4 letter word "work" is getting my way also, but I, too, am determined to whip my self in shape in time for EC2013. See you on the beach!
- LeatherLungs