Sunday, May 3, 2009

Comments from Cayo Costa!

While on Cayo Costa I met a number of very nice people. Here is a comment from JJ, a volunteer at the park. She provided me with much needed information about the history of Cayo Costa.
The information has been very helpful in writing my article for Longboard Windsurfing. I have a few more changes to make to the article before submitting it. My first version was a bit too long and wordy so I am streamlining it and should have it done today.

JJ thanks for the kind words:-)

JJ Cayo Costa volunteer said...
"Trey, thrilled with your photos of Cayo Costa and comments about the park and rangers. I'm sharing all with the park staff and everyone we know who loves Cayo Costa. It was terrific to meet you and see your expedition windsurfer/kayak. Do visit us again. You are a great advertisement for Cayo Costa."

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