Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's out!

The issue of WIND SURFING magazine with the article about the EXPEDITION WINDSURFER is out. I just received my issue in the mail a few days ago. The article was written by Ian Berger and the photos were taken by Britt Viehmann of North Beach Windsurfing. I want to thank those guys for their interest and support in my project. I also want to thank Josh Sampiero, the editor of the mag for running the article.
Currently, we are moving forward with the refinement process of the board. Matt Layden, the navel architect has sent me preliminary drawings with changes to the shape of the board that should enhance speed and function and at the same time keep it's unique characteristics. I am also working on developing a retractable fin system that should make the board much more user friendly.
Again thanks to all who are interested in the EXPEDITION WINDSURFER!
Great Adventures!


Ian Berger said...

Your welcome, Trey. It was a pleasure. Now, about that free Expedition WIndsurfer you promised me ...



Trey said...

As soon as the next few boards come off the assembly line I will ship you a few boards. As the factory rep for the North East you will need to have a couple for demonstration.
Now I just need to find my hammer and get to work:)

Chip said...


This is Chip Carter with FOX 13 in Tampa, I subscribe to windsurfer magazine, -- I love what you have done, I have always thought the one drawback to windsurfing is that you can't go anywhere -- anyway, we would like to do a story with you. Can you call me 813-870-9733. Thanks!!

Ian Berger said...

Hey Trey, let me know how this news story pans out.


BTW, thanks for the tip on the camera. I bought one last week and took lots of nice pics with it. heck out:


Ettore said...

Hi Trey,
I read your article on the windsurfing mag.
I really like what you have done with your windsurfing expedition. I live in Maui and I always wanted to built a board for camping trips. Would it be possible for you to share how to built one.