Saturday, February 27, 2010

6 days to the Everglades Challenge

Only 6 days to the start of the Everglades Challenge.

I spent today reviewing my gear and trying to get comfortable with the dry suit. I will have to spend the next few days actually sailing with the dry suit on to see how well it will keep me warm. Based on the past few months we can count on some rather cool temps as we traverse the west coast of Florida. The subtropical jet stream is delivering a cold front just about every 3 days which is good for providing good windsurfing conditions, but it keeps the water and air temps too low for this southern boy's thin blood. I remember back in March of 1993 when we were in a El Nino weather pattern we had a huge front move through that produced winds over 100mph and was called the storm of the century. I would not be surprised to see some great winds for the Everglades Challenge this year, though not that good.

I spoke with Steve at Aerotech sails about the alterations we are having made and the sail is done and I should have it by Monday. We put in two zipper panels in the upper panels to allow me to reduce sail size while still on the water. I also have rigged up a adjustable down haul and out haul that will also allow me to reduce sail size as well. I will put some photos up as soon as I can.

Chris, Ian and John thanks for your suggestions and support. Wish you guys were coming along on this trip; it would be cool to have some other windsurfers to team up with.


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