Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everglades Challenge- 13 days to start

With just 13 days to the start of the Everglades Challenge, a 300 mile expedition style small boat race down the west coast of Florida the days seem too short to get everything done. I will be the first contestant to attempt the race on a windsurfer, the Expedition Windsurfer®. Trying to get all the details put together and get in some training before time runs out is a challenge in itself. Everything seems to be coming together; I have all my gear and most of the food figured out and the board is good to go. All I need now is to get the sail back from the sail maker and get more on the water training done. I am getting very excited. This race has been one of those personal goals I set for myself six years ago and it looks like I will at least be at the starting line on March 6th.

One of the really cool things about this race is that you can follow all the action in real time by logging onto the web site at and clicking on the "map" link on the home page next to Everglades Challenge. My tribal name, the name I use for all the WaterTribe events is WindWalker. Follow the action and post a message, it will keep me motivated.


aka: WindWalker


peggy g said...

Do you have to carry all your drinking water; are you using a water purification system? Good luck!

Trey said...

Thanks for your comment Peggy. I will be carrying most of my water but will be able to refil along the way. I will not need to use a purification system on this trip.