Sunday, February 14, 2010

Night Paddle on the Peace

In trying to get in some training for the Everglades Challenge, I did a night paddle today.  I loaded the boat with my gear and headed up river for two hours. The temps are still too low for me, but I did manage to work up a sweat.  When I stopped for dinner I started getting pretty cold, so I started a nice little campfire.  I brewed up some coffee, ate some chili my wife made and started paddling again.  The river was beautiful.  Even without the moonlight I was able to paddle without the use of a light by following the reflection of the night sky on the water.  The shadows of the trees along the bank provide a dark contrast on the water enabling me to stay in the middle of the river just by observing the subtle changes in color between the two.  At times the Barred Owls would launch into a chorus of squawks and barks and yowls as if they were having a party.  The stars were out bright and the air was fresh and crisp.  It was truly much better than anything on the TV.

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